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The Hobbit: Battle of the Five Armies - Teaser Trailer - July 28th, 2014



200 followers!!!!! :D

WIIIIIII, I am so happy right now! :)



Yeeeeey! My blog is one year old today! :D
I can’t believe how fast time goes :)

Yeeeeey! My blog is one year old today! :D
I can’t believe how fast time goes :)

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We Will Never Grow Old, chapter 10

((Ps, I was just wondering if you thought if it is a good idea to write from Julian’s point of view?))

Chapter 10 Unsure

His results were almost flawless and I wished that some of our students at school could write like this. I have to admit that I was impressed. The only mistakes were some misspellings but except for that all was good. Julian had passed his test.
I looked at the watch over my tv in the living room. It was showing 5:10 PM. Well, I should probably send this away.
I opened my computer and typed in the results before I wrote an email to Julian, including a copy to the school and the leading staff of Schalke…or whatever I should call them.

"Mr Draxler,
I am glad to inform you that you have passed your English test, including the linguistic and the grammar part. Notice that these results are in separate documents. If you have any questions about the total amount of points or how the points how been calculated, etc, please contact me.

Greta Norrgren-Könnenberg
Lecture in linguistic
University of Gelsenkirchen
Telephone number: 12067833452
E-mail: “

I pressed send and felt how a slight feeling of guiltiness ransacked my body. Why? It wasn’t like I had anything to feel guilty over! It really annoyed me.
I mean, Julian seemed to…seemed to…I talk and think about him like I used to know him or something like that. Julian, by the little time I had spent with him, was really nice. It wasn’t that that annoyed me. It was the fact what he had done, said.
I don’t like when people talk behind my back without saying anything to me. I was afraid that they were going to point at me, laughing and calling me cradle robber and other names. My students were probably going to look at me in disgust.
The society seems to be more willing to accept a relationship where the male is older than the girl but not the other way around.
I shook my head and closed the computer before I took a book from my bookshelf, at least trying to relax.

"…and as you can hear, it becomes really irrelevant if you use the preposition twice. So, instead of doing it that way, you could always-"
“Please, can we take a break?”
“Yeah, a break!”
Most of the students in the lecture room agreed and I sighed.
“A break you say? Okay, five minutes! But I don’t want you to run around the school.”
A wave of relief and sighs echoed and it sounded pretty funny actually.
“Mrs Könnenberg?”
“Hmmm?” I looked up from my book. “Yes?”
“Are you excited for tonight?”
I frowned my forehead when I looked at the student. “Why do you ask?”
“The opening match of the World Cup is tonight on tv! Are you going to see?”
My heart felt heavier for a slight second but I ignored it. “Who are playing?”
“It’s Brazil against Croatia.”
I shook my head. “I don’t know, I’m not sure if I am going to watch. I think I’ll wait until when Germany plays its first match.” I smiled and nodded but turned my attention to the whole class. “Okay, class! Five minutes have passed and we have lot do if you want to pass your German exams next week.”
I wonder what he was doing right now…

Anonymous said: It would be awesome if you could do a neymar or dani alves one shot! love your writing!

Thank you! It makes me really happy :)
Neymar or Dani Alves? Hmmm, I already see the one-shot I front of me :D



trexbqs said: Hi :) thanks for writing We Will Never Grow Old. can't wait for next episode. i'm enjoyed your story. Draxler and Greta, hope for great ending for them.

Aaaaaw, thank you :) it really means a lot! The next chapter of of We Will Never Grow Old will probably be up this weekend :) and trust me, the ending will be interesting :D




me when my favorite team is about to play

me trying to catch my trainimage

me when they hand out free stuff


me trying to impress


me in general

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Favorite Photo Collection└ 2/20 Presenting the new German NT Kit


Favorite Photo Collection
└ 2/20
 Presenting the new German NT Kit